PrePaid Calling Plan

PrePaid Service, Free PrePaid Service, Light

Charges - This is the actual bill to be paid plus VAT.

Voice Calls
Video Calls
0 won/day 3.3 won 3.3 won 22 won 33 won 220 won 0.17 won

Term of Use

Charge Amount 5,000 won/10,000 won 20,000 won 30,000 won/40,000 won 50,000 won
Term of Use 30 days 60 days 90 days 150 days


  1. Caller Identification Service (CID) is a free service.

User's Guide

  1. After a set period for each calling plan, the remaining balance will become void.
  2. Outgoing calls are suspended when the balance reaches '0 won', and both outgoing and incoming calls are suspended if the account is not recharged within 14 days.
    • Termination: If the account is not recharged for 44 days since the balance was at 0 won, the account is automatically terminated.
  3. There is no refund for recharged amount and the remaining balance is not returned upon termination.

* Foreigners

  1. The service is only available during the legal period of stay listed on the alien registration card and if you extend the period of stay, evidential document must be submitted.
    (However, only 3 months of use is allowed for customers who didn't subscribe through an alien registration number, and the service can be extended when you visit our store and verify your identification.)
  2. When the service is expired, you can extend your service by visiting one of our stores within 10 days of expiration and verifying your identification (submit identification documents).

Comparison with Other Companies

snowman PrePaid Service, Free : Basic Charge 0 won per day + Voice 3.3 won per second /
					Calling Plans of Other Companies : Basic Charge 0 won per day + Voice 4.8 won per second
  • Customers with Low Call Volume and Inbound Call Only (children / elderly)

Recommended Supplementary Services - The amount shown in parentheses is the actual bill to be paid plus VAT.

Recommended Supplementary Services
Name of
Description Charges
Catch Call Service This service notifies the user of the phone number that tried to reach the user when the phone was turned off, during a busy line, or when there was a weak transmission through a text message. 500 won/month
(550 won)
Call Forwarding This service connects incoming calls as well as text messages to a pre-specified landline or mobile number regardless of the phone's condition, and it is a call forwarding service that lets you hear text messages by converting them to speech. 1,900 won/month
(2,090 won)
Ring to You Instead of the regular beeping dial tone when someone is calling you, you can preselect the newest music, sound of nature, various sound effects, and voices for people to listen to when they are calling. 900 won/month
(990 won)