Voice Calling Plan

Voice Saver 15 - A plan for users who don’t talk on their phones too much, but still offering plenty of free minutes and messages. 70 voice minutes, 50 SMS messages free 15,000 Won per month (16,500 Won including VAT) Voice Plans

Charges - The amount shown in parentheses is the actual bill to be paid plus VAT.

Basic Service
Domestic Calls
International Calls
15,000 won/month
(16,500 won)
70 50 - -
Rates(excess use rates included) Wifi
Voice Calls
Video Calls
(0.5KB )
1.8 won
(1.98 won)
3.0 won
(3.3 won)
15 won
(16.5 won)
200 won
(220 won)
0.15 won
(0.165 won)
8,000 won
(8,800 won)

Wireless Data Charges - The amount shown in parentheses is the actual bill to be paid plus VAT.

Wireless Data Charges
Text Data Multimedia Direct Internet Video (VOD) Smart Phone Data Usage
4.55 Won/0.5KB
(5.005 Won/0.5KB)
1.75 Won/0.5KB
(1.925 Won/0.5KB)
0.25 Won/0.5KB
(0.275 Won/0.5KB)
0.45 Won/0.5KB
(0.495 Won/0.5KB)
0.15 Won/0.5KB
(0.165 Won/0.5KB)


  1. Caller Identification Service (CID) provided free of charge.
  2. Free Spam-Block Service blocks most spam messages.
  3. 060 Call Block Service to prevent excessive charges from 060 Information Services.
  4. Notification service for remaining minutes.

User's Guide

  1. Free calls are provided on a monthly basis regardless of time or day of the week, and the remainder does not carry over to the next month.
  2. If you sign up or make changes in the middle of the month, the basic charge will be charged from the date of subscription (transfer from other provider).
  3. Deduction of free minutes and billing is on a 1 second basis.
  4. View terms and conditions for other details.

Comparison with Other Companies - The stated amount is the actual bill to be paid plus VAT.

Comparison with Other Companies
Items Estimated Voice Call / SMS Usage
70 Minutes + 50 SMS 110 Minutes + 50 SMS 160 Minutes + 50 SMS
relative to
Company S
21% 21% 16%
Calling Plan
Voice Saver 15 Voice Saver 18 Voice Saver 18
Monthly Bill
16,500 won 19,800 won 25,740 won
Company S Plan Free Voice 19 Free Voice 19 Free Voice 28
Monthly Bill for
Company S
20,900 won 25,050 won 30,800 won